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Epoxy Flooring Monroe NJ

With several flooring alternatives for commercial and industrial spaces, nothing beats the durability and versatility of epoxy flooring.  This is a creative and cost-effective solution that enhances the look and functionality of your floors. At Concrete Refresh, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading contractors for professional epoxy flooring in Monroe, NJ.

Commercial epoxy flooring Monroe NJ

Our industrial, commercial and concrete coatings are designed to withstand heavy traffic, chemicals, and stains. Whether it is a retail store, a warehouse, showroom, or office building, our epoxy floors are a perfect fit. Our team of experienced contractors is well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes, ensuring that your floors receive the attention and care they deserve.

A professional epoxy flooring company serving Monroe NJ

Get the most out of your concrete floors with our professional concrete coatings in Monroe, NJ. We will turn old, dull concrete floors into vibrant and durable epoxy floors that can withstand the toughest conditions. Call us today at (908) 208-3698 for a free quote and estimate.


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Our Services

Concrete Refresh offers a comprehensive range of epoxy flooring services in Monroe Township, NJ, including:

epoxy garage flooring

Garage Refresh

Transform your garage into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space with our garage refresh services. From floor coatings to customized designs, we elevate your garage to a new level.

Epoxy flooring middlesex county

Full Flake Systems

Add texture and dimension to your floors with our full flake system. This option enhances the visual appeal and provides additional slip resistance, making it a practical choice for various spaces.


Quartz Systems

The quartz system offers a blend of beauty and durability. With the incorporation of quartz crystals, this system creates a visually stunning and exceptionally resilient floor.

metallic epoxy flooring (28)

Metallic Epoxy Systems

Our metallic epoxy system is perfect for a modern and luxurious look. The interplay of metallic pigments creates a unique and dynamic flooring solution, making a bold statement in any setting.

grind and seal new jersey

Grind and seal

Achieve a sleek and polished look with our grind and seal services. This method involves grinding and sealing the concrete surface for a glossy and sophisticated finish, perfect for commercial and industrial spaces.

Urethane cement

Urethane cement

When it comes to heavy-duty environments, our urethane cement flooring solutions offer unparalleled durability and chemical resistance. It is ideal for industries where floors undergo high levels of stress.

concrete overlay (12)

Concrete Overlays

Revitalize your existing concrete surfaces with our concrete overlays. This cost-effective solution allows you to achieve a fresh and updated look without requiring extensive removal or replacement.

industrial epoxy flooring (5)

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial epoxy flooring services are designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings. From manufacturing facilities to warehouses, we provide robust solutions that stand up to heavy machinery and constant foot traffic.

Why Choose Concrete Refresh?

At Concrete Refresh, we stand out for our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Here’s what sets us apart:

Untitled design (91)


Our team comprises skilled professionals with years of experience in the epoxy flooring industry. We understand the unique needs of Monroe Township residents and businesses.

urethane cement (6)


We believe in providing tailored solutions to our clients. Whether you have specific design preferences or require specialized coatings, we work closely with you to achieve the desired results.

concrete overlay (13)

Quality Materials

We source and use only the highest quality epoxy materials, ensuring that your floors look great and withstand the test of time.

industrial epoxy flooring (4)

Timely Service

We understand the importance of your time. Our efficient and timely service ensures minimal disruption to your residential, commercial, or industrial project routine.

What Our Customers Say

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Ready to transform your space with the allure of epoxy flooring? Explore the possibilities with Concrete Refresh. Visit our website,, to learn more about our services, or contact us for a consultation. Unveil the potential of your floors in Monroe Township, NJ, with Concrete Refresh – where durability meets design!



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