Epoxy Flooring Elizabeth NJ

Quality Flooring With A Difference For Your Home, Business, and Industry.

While there are several flooring options, nothing comes close to the versatility of epoxy flooring. This type of flooring is durable and stylish, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. At Concrete Refresh, we take pride in being the leading contractor for epoxy flooring in Elizabeth, NJ. Our experience and expertise goes beyond just providing a service, we are committed to delivering quality flooring with a difference for your home, business, and industry.

Whether you want to upgrade your garage, kitchen, or industrial space, our Elizabeth epoxy contractors are ready to transform your floors with quality epoxy floors. When you choose epoxy flooring, you are not just investing in a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain surface, but also adding value to your property.

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Garage epoxy flooring Elizabeth NJ

Are you looking for a durable and decorative flooring option for your home or business? Look no further than full-flake flooring in Elizabeth, NJ. This type of epoxy flooring features colorful flakes of various sizes embedded into the epoxy resin for added strength and visual appeal. With our expert installation, you can customize the color and design of your full-flake floors to fit your personal style or brand aesthetic. Full-flake flooring are suitable for high-traffic areas, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial properties.

A leading epoxy flooring contractor Elizabeth, NJ residents can trust.

At Concrete Refresh, we are more than just a flooring company, we are a team of passionate and dedicated epoxy contractors who take pride in delivering quality floors and exceptional customer service. With our expertise in epoxy flooring, concrete overlays, metallic epoxy, urethane cement, and more, you can trust us to transform your floors into a work of art.

Ready to upgrade your floors with quality epoxy flooring in Elizabeth, NJ? Give us a call today at (908) 208-3698 for a free quote and estimate.

Metallic epoxy flooring in Elizabeth, NJ

Add a touch of elegance to your floors with metallic epoxy flooring in Elizabeth, NJ. This type of epoxy flooring is created by mixing metallic pigments into the epoxy resin for a unique shimmering effect. The end result is a seamless, glossy, and one-of-a-kind floor that is sure to impress. This is perfect for logo or pattern designs, making it a popular choice for businesses and showrooms.

Urethane cement flooring in Elizabeth, NJ

For high-traffic industrial and commercial spaces, we recommend urethane cement flooring. This type of epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and resistant to heavy machinery, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. It is also slip-resistant, making it a safe choice for warehouses, factories, and food processing plants. With our expert installation, you can trust that your urethane cement floors will withstand the test of time.

Industrial and Commercial Flooring Solutions

Although concrete floors are strong and durable, they can become dull and damaged over time. At Concrete Refresh, we offer grind and seal in Elizabeth, NJ, to restore the beauty of your concrete floors. This involves grinding the surface of your concrete floors to remove any imperfections and then sealing it with a protective coating for a glossy finish. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to refresh your floors without having to completely replace them.


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